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Random from Robert Ferrucci

Retouch of some of my photos by lovely :iconrobertferrucci:

Random from HipolitoUribarrigoye

Variations of my photos by the great pin-up artist :iconhipolitouribarrigoye:

My favourite DD Artist

:iconrailgun-yugi: Im really proud about her :rose:


In A World of Reflections by Einsilbig

My interest in the surreal and abstract, as a photographer and writer is very recent. I have taken on the task of locating visual skill...

Kaleidoscope by Queen-Kitty

It is known that blue brings a beautiful contrast with red, hence the beauty of the Nordic sunsets, where the moon is confused with the...

West Side Story...I by idaniphotography

The image seduces, in the first instance, by its color, but actually shows countless striking elements that together produce a great ef...

Since childhood in a cage of my ribs lived Ennui. by NataliaDrepina

This image contains many tiny elements, arranged with an almost sickening detail and collectively achieve a great impression. What stan...

One Day by Slairea
by Slairea

Slairea returned to his childhood for one of her most personal and authentic photographs, and now, under this same blue light that perm...

Let It Go by Slairea
by Slairea

I had never seen such a genuine expressionlike this, it moved me immediate from reality to a still image. How much beauty and sadness i...



While I start my next/ brand nuu artwork, Im fixing & uploading some old photos ;) :) :blowkiss: Under Construction, yeeppp :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
My Artwork scheduale:

1) In March I begin my "3 cameras orchesta" project SONY :camera: POLAROID :camera: DIANA :camera:

2) Between April & May I return to Atelier and make really mad photoshoots with Bioshock infinite, burial at sea' Elizabeth & Madness return' Alice Liddell (I need to lose some weight :blush: :ashamed:  :hungry:ICON: Strawberry-Chocolate Cone by Cupcake-Kitty-chan Free Avvie: Kawaii Pastries by lexypuppy228 Cookie Avatar by CitricLily )

Return to atelier...who's could be my first wardrove making to this SPRING (Your VOTE is really important to me. Thanks so much) :heart: 

8 deviants said Kuroshitsuji's THE BEAST Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] by Jerikuto
8 deviants said Trinity blood' SISTER NOELLE BOR Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Kawaii Whine) [V1] by Jerikuto
3 deviants said Naruto' Tsunade Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] by Jerikuto


LaylaRabia's Profile Picture
ABOUT ME :iconbellydanceplz:

Writter & Journalist of profession.
Layla Rabia was my Grandmom name and I use it as artistic name.

Mexican-moroccan (I born in Sonora, Mexico, but I descent of moroccans) Loves me, Loves me not by Happbee

I began in Cosplay Art by fortuity. I wrote a serie of novels about a mangaka girl and her little sister with Asperger Syndrome.
Sho-shan y la dama oscura STAMP by XxClaireStrifexXTintaVioleta STAMP by XxClaireStrifexXDoncella Roja STAMP by XxClaireStrifexX

When my editors suggest me to present this books collections making "somethink like COSPLAY". From this time, I also began to be known as cosplayer artist. In this sense, I consider me an artist in progress; someone who seeking my path can not be one, but one which achieves the harmony of all facets of art that interest me. I want to be a creative model and an intriguing photographer with different type of cameras.

Now, my greatest passions -plus literature-are cosplay and pin-up art photography (as model but as photographer too), and I aspire to display that both are beyond of simply pretty or funny images...that pin-up is not only an light enterteinment for men, and cosplay could be an art for sensitive adults...but I know that I have a long way to get it.


:bulletgreen: HELLSING' Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Ovas & anime)
:bulletblack:HELLSING' Luke Valentine
:bulletred: HELLSING' Girlycard (classical and glamorous vers)
:bulletblue: LOVELESS' Agatsuma Soubi
:bulletgreen: SPEED GRAPHER' Kagura Tenouzu

Cosmaker: myself

:bulletblue: HELLSING' Seras Victoria (Red Seras, OVAS 7,8,9, 10)
:bulletred: TRINITY BLOOD' Caterina Sforza
:bulletred: KUROSHITSUJI. Madame Red
:bulletyellow: FULL METAL ALCHEMIST' Lust
:bulletgreen: CASTLEVANIA' Maria Renard

:rose: Cosmaker: Ting Ting Zhang

:bulletyellow: KUROSHITSUJI' Sebastian Michaelis
:bulletgreen: KUROSHITSUJI' Maid Maylene

:rose: Cosmaker: Marisole Balasco Atelier (Artist City)


:bulletblue: MADNESS RETURN' Alice Lidell
:bulletpink: TO ARU KAGAKU NO RAILGUN' Shirai Kuroko
:bulletblack: SILENT HILL'Nurse


:bulletorange: THE TALE OF THE PRINCESS KAGUYA' adult princess Kaguya
:bulletblue: HELLSING' Knight Integra/Classical Lady Integra
:bulletgreen: NARUTO' Tsunade
:bulletgreen: POKEMON' Iris
:bulletblack: TRINITY BLOOD' Sister Noelle Bor
:bulletblack: XXXHOLIC' Yuuko Ichihara
:bulletred: ERGO PROXY' complete Re-L Meyer
:bulletred: NANA's Nana Osaki
:bulletyellow: DEATH NOTE' perfect L.

Comissions to AYLA & DANNY:

:bulletred: KUROSHITSUJI' The Beast
:bulletpink: ADVENTURES IN TIME' Princess Bubblegum
:heart: My avatar is a gift of my lovely friend: :iconchester1010ir:

Inspiring Surrealistic Photos

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 20, 2015, 11:21 PM
  • Mood: Stupefied
  • Listening to: Nortec
  • Reading: Still Alice by Lisa Genova
  • Watching: Kill la kill
  • Playing: Bioshock infinite/ Burial at sea
  • Eating: papaw
  • Drinking: capuccino

My Interviews with DA artists

Vintage Typewriter Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Totally inspired
Lidia Vives :iconartviveslidia: is more than a photographer . Much more than a model . Natural born actress. An amazing artist , wrapped in a delicate and fragile emotionally down but with a wicked sense of humor. By her own account, was an exhibition of Henri Cartier -Besson which lifted the hurricane would take to rebuild through art .

"We went with the college tour, I was about 17, said 22 Spanish artist. In this tour we borrowed a Polaroid and began to take snapshots of my peers. Obviously they were a lousy photos with bad lighting, but I thought it was funny . There I became interested in photography. I made ​​very simple self-portraits in my room, closeups type “beauty”, and touched up a little with photoshop (then I knew only vaguely touching colors).
 "A year later, continues Lidia, I discovered to Annie Leivobitz in an exhibition in Madrid. I fell with her compositions and was a great encouragemen
Cheerful manipulation "To me, 'says Fab. Le Blanc :iconKIP-K: an artist can only be spontaneous, the idea is spontaneous, implement all the technical details and consider the less but a true artist knows how to seize the moment in a simple, even banal moment and take time to do something wonderful.

Fab. Le Blanc is a French chameleon-artist about we can expect almost anything. Since most irreverent to most sober. Unable to determine if a photographer rather than a musician, or if in any case both are resonance of same. What is a fact is that the photographer and musician and evolve, with other artistic disciplines as performance, acting, painting, and the result is an interesting and very personal universe where converge colors, sounds and sensations.
Fab. claims to have "discovered" anything. His vocation for art, as its development, has been gradually: "I have always been creative, I have always been
Pure expressions"Cuando yo era un niño pequeño –señala el fotógrafo portugués José Calheros :iconJACAC:-  empecé a hacer fotos, y la gente me dijo que eran diferentes, que yo era capaz de captar sentimientos... y desde entonces no he dejado de hacerlo.

José Calheros, arquitecto de profesión, fotógrafo de vocación, nació un 23 de septiembre en Lisboa y es un fotógrafo con muchísima experiencia. Tanto que considero válido apuntar que vive, come y duerme junto a su cámara, porque hasta en sueños puede aparecer una imagen que seduzca su fino instinto.
"Mi primera cámara fue una pequeña Kodak, que usé un par de veces –prosigue José, nostálgico de la infancia en que fue tocado por esa magia -No había dinero para comprar la película, no es tan fácil como ahora. Mi primera foto, lo recuerdo bi
Her sweet tea majesty
"Me gusta representar y asociar las cosas que están a mi alrededor –señala la fotógrafa inglesa Regular Jane :iconregularjane:- Por el momento gozo de un nuevo entorno porque estoy viviendo en Portugal. La playa y este cielo azul claro se han convertido en una fuerte presencia en mi galería desde el momento en que pasó a formar parte de mi vida cotidiana. Soy originaria de Londres, así que esto es un lujo. Echo de menos mi ciudad natal y tengo un montón de planes de fotografía para cuando regrese allá.
"Trato de crear un ambiente de época en mis fotos- continúa la artista- Me encanta practicar la fotografía con esta playa cerca de mí, cambiar el estado de ánimo y recobrar esa escena cuando la abro en photoshop.

El arte de Regular Jane es el de alguien capaz de disfrutar intensamente los más pequeños y cotidianos placeres de la vida. Una taza de capuccino, libretas moleskine, clásicas y digitales; unas gafas para el sol en forma de corazón, la afectu
World is a rare placeDesde lo casual hasta lo teatral. Escenas de calle interactuando con complejo y sesudo arte conceptual. Tomas de un turista transformadas en trozos de vida cotidiana de colores vibrantes y voces audibles. Variantes interesantísimas del viejo y resucitado arte del pin-up y audaces imágenes de cosplay. Todo esto y más es el inclasificable trabajo del español Borja Pascual :iconBorjaPascual: artista visual de múltiples registros.

El propio Borja Pascual revela lo que podría ser una clave de su estética personal:
"El cine me fascinaba… me fascina. Sobre todo me quedaba con las películas que visualmente me impactaban: "Dark City", "Dune", "El gran Lebowski", "Dentro del Laberinto", "El Cuervo", etc. Lo que me atrapaba, de manera instintiva y sin haberle puesto nombre, era la combinación de escenografía, luz, color y cámara. Con esa confianza en uno mismo que solo puede salir de la ingenuidad, decidí que
La artista italiana, actualmente radicada desde hace pocos meses en Hampshire, Inglaterra, Verónica Strambini :iconslairea: es uno de los casos más asombrosos que he conocido. He tenido la oportunidad de seguir de cerca sus progresos como fotógrafa, desde que se inició con fotos, digamos, "divertidas", pero siempre expresivas, hasta la actualidad en que sus fotos son verdaderas piezas de una profunda, reflexiva y enternecedora belleza.

Aunque Verónica ha declarado que actualmente la fotografía es su máxima pasión, psicóloga de profesión, amante de la poesía y la música, nunca imaginó que llegaría hasta este punto cuando en 2009 -1 de septiembre, fecha que recuerda con profunda nostalgia- una querida amiga la requirió como modelo:
"Ella no me dijo "hoy vamos a tener una sesión de fotos", o algo así –recuerda- Mientras estábamos estudiando ella se tomó un descanso y me dijo repentinamente: "¡No te muevas!"... Regresó, cámar
The everyday artistEVERYDAY STORIES:

Tram boys by NunoFigueiraHappy family by NunoFigueira:thumb142910186:
Gente, gente, gente.  Un transeúnte cualquiera irradia de pronto la magia que incita al fotógrafo peatón a disparar su cámara, y quizá quienes hayan presenciado esa misma escena no le hayan prestado la mínima importancia; ni a la escena ni al artista furtivo. Qué habrá visto de especial el artista en esos gestos, en sus atuendos que ha sucumbido al capricho de plasmarlos para siempre. Es muy probable que no lo averigüen sino hasta después que el fotógrafo exponga la imagen… puede que el resultado los desconcierte: una carcajada florida, un andar presuroso, un cruce de piernas, un apretón de manos. Bolsos y zapatos volando bajo la lluvia o entre el apremio de los días laborables. Ascenso y descenso de elevadores y vagones de m
La belleza predomina en el mundo. El problema es que detectarla es cada vez más complicado. Tendemos a confundir "lo lindo" con lo Bello (en mayúsculas); a nombrar "bello" lo que los medios masivos de comunicación nos venden como tal, cuando la verdadera belleza es capaz de esconderse en los lugares más insospechados. La belleza, dice Dennis, :iconcatch---22: se encuentra hasta en una semilla seca, que es el origen de la vida. Y la vida misma es belleza. Esa es una lección que se aprende tras ejercitar largamente el don de la observación, caso de este artista del lente cuyo privilegiado ojo es una auténtica caja detectora de tesoros:
"Creo que la belleza que se encuentra en cada paisaje, en cada esquina –señala Dennis, mejor conocido como Catch 22, un artista estadounidense que rehúsa exhibir su verdadera identidad por motivos personales- Uno sólo tiene que ser capaz de verlo. Uno sólo tiene que mirar. "Hermoso, hermoso. Magnífica desolación"

Interview with Layla Rabia

By :iconhalimpeter: :rose:

grace | August 10, 2012

1) Your Full Name

My real name is Eva Hill.

LAYLA RABIA was name of my grand mom :heart:

2) Tell us about you

I'm writer, journalist and student of Eastern Cultures. I'm author of a series of novels inspired in dynamics of mangas and animes. Im mom of 2 children who are my teachers in cosplay art and I practice photograph and bellydance. I live immersed in the art world.

3) Where are you located?

I live in Mexico City

4) What started you on the cosplay path?

I began to make cosplay to accompany to my daughter to conventions, but now I consider it an art that I practice with same seriousness as I make my professional work.

5) When not cosplaying, what do you do?

I write. Literature is an essential part of my life. I practice with photograph too.

6) What kind of cosplayer do you consider yourself?

I consider me a ritualistic and perfectionistic cosplayer. Definitely isn't a game for me, however, I love to improvise with characters, without betray the essence of the character.

7) Do you have a current cosplay favorite?

Yes! Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Was my first professional cosplay, and I return to her ever I can.

8) If you have a long range goals in your life. What is it?

Yes I want to be great in every thing I make: I want to be a great writer, a great dancer and a great cosplayer. My idea is to be better every day.

9) Do you have a cosplay story — happy story, horror story, uplifting, artistic story — you can share with our readers?   

Well I have an story in particular, when I made by first time my Caterina Sforza' cosplay:

I was possing for photos front a church doors of Coyoacan while inside celebrated the Mass of 6 PM. Unexpectedly appeared an elegant gentleman (very similar to Colin Firth) followed by his young wife and two young children and when he see me, reacted as if he had appeared the Devil.

-This lack of respect! – shouted him. Her wife and sons jumped scared -How dare to portray this woman with these ….rags at the door of a temple? A woman making fun of the costumes cardinal, my God, this country is at war!

Cato Kusanagi, the photographer :iconcatokusanagi: continued taking photos; as if he had not heard anything, but I was really angry! The man continued to make reference to my "rags heretics", and suddenly, a tourist tell him: -What about the gentleman is that he is too upset that she would have preferred to see her dressed … in bikini.

10) Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into the cosplay scene?

I advice to cosplayers that take it seriously. Yes, is very funny, but I think that a lot of people see this as a child game, something without importance, and cosplay is an ART.

11) There is a lot of debate if Western/Asians should cosplay. Your thoughts?  

I am totally in love with Asian cosplay. Of course, there are wonderful cosplayers in every corner of the world, but Im seduced by the drama and elegance of Asian cosplayers.

12) Could you tell us a little about how you made the costume?  

I would like a lot to be cosmaker too. In some cases, I have dressed to some cosplayers, but only when it comes to improvisation because I have an array of wigs, weapons, gloves, furry ears, etc.  I haven't knowledge of high couture, and when I require sumptuous costumes, I go with a wonderful designers who work for a TV channel, and they are my friends.

13) How far into the character are you willing to go while in cosplay? At the end of the day, are you "YOU" or are you your "CHARACTER"?

Is different in every case: some characters are installed in me even after removing the cospslay, as in the case of one Sir Integra… or recently Sebastian Michaelis. I have become much more friendly and contained since I did him … but in most cases, the character fades as I withdraw the suit.

14) Do you have any experience of taking a cosplay event in a foreign country?

No, unfortunately, but one of my biggest dreams is to participate in a convention in Japan or China, I REALLY love this countries, and I have reconstructed them through my imagination in my novels.

15) It is hard to exhibit the thoughtfulness and the spirit of a character, please tell me your secrets of success.

Well…I think that my secret to SEDUCE to people with my cosplays, is TO BE THE CHARACTER, not only a disguised person. I was a Theater Actress in University and I studied too much, but finally I decided to be the author of the works. However, these studies are helping me a lot for cosplays. I become totally in character, as Stanivslasky Technique.

16) Name 3 of your favorite (art/anime) books/ magazines.

My favourite mangas (even I could make a list too much large!)

1.- The serie of novels of TRINITY BLOOD

2.- HELLSING' Ovas and manga

3.- MONSTER (I prefer manga to anime)

17) What is your life motto?

As Nietzsche fan: "The maturity of man is having rediscovered the seriousness with which he played when he was a child".

Girl on film by LaylaRabiaDelicato rosa Vaticano by LaylaRabia*NYU* by LaylaRabiaLook at me, Walt by LaylaRabiaWaiting for Butterflies by LaylaRabiaRasuto by LaylaRabiaOne hell of maid by LaylaRabiaMadame Red II by LaylaRabiaMiss Vicki by LaylaRabia
Come with me, Milord by LaylaRabiaHellsing bloody rose by LaylaRabia


Thanks so much to my wonderfull friend :iconjacac:
for this amazing Birthday Gift:

Postcard from China 04 by JACAC


Sho-shan y la dama oscura STAMP by XxClaireStrifexXTintaVioleta STAMP by XxClaireStrifexXDoncella Roja STAMP by XxClaireStrifexXAnimated Eevee Stamp by JA-punksterStamp: I love Mexican Food by ChibikaedeKeep Calm and Canta y No Llores by ChokorettoMilkuAwesome Mix Vol. 1 by AdrianaFilipIt's my cup of tea by sally65356Shirai Kuroko Stamp by Railgun-YugiMikoto x Gekota Stamp by Railgun-YugiI love someone. by BatmanWithBunnyEarseBooks vs Real Books by Rika24Support Chi-Chi Stamp by MissMusic93That's all folks by AdrianaFilipCouple stamp by IttichyMexico Stamp by Sir-Dragoaspie stamp by otakulottieAspergers' by LadyCharizardMisaka 9982 Stamp by Railgun-YugiYuya Sakaki Stamp by Railgun-YugiNagisa Momoe Stamp by Railgun-Yugilol purity by BaconMagicChoose Compassion by MissLunaRoseIris Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Siberian Husky Puppy - Stamp by lazyho


:iconshort-hair-beauty: :icondiscover-cosplay: :iconall-about-the-eyes: :iconwherebeautyreigns: :iconuniqueandevocative: :iconhellsinggroup: :iconopheliafleurs: :iconcos-moz: :iconrealpinupart: :iconsexycosplay:



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